i remember falling
leaves cushioning
dusting up
the scent of decay
burning in the sunbeams

auburn hues
i lie there

inhaling autumnal senses…
and listening…

winter preparing
buzzing and chattering

leaves taunting the wind
crunching under tiny feet
such chatty chipmunks
dashing up down all around
blue water waving by
floating the yearnings of a lone loon
looking up to the hemlock tops
crow’s warning…

“the leaves in the deep green wood
                                                        are now brown and gold…”
Dave Francis & Mairi Campbell from their haunting song Smile or Cry (on their Greengold album).
a deeply memorable photographic exhibit i experienced a number of years ago captured arrangements of flowers at the most beautiful moment of decay… when the colours are so deeply intense… and the curling dance of petals and leaves and stems twist and writhe into themselves…
i could have wept for the beauty…
of browns… and golds…

reds oranges yellows greens blues indigo violets…
and a lethargic bumble bee.
fall’s rainbow

(all photos by Shar / taken in Muskoka, Ontario / October 9/11 except the red wheelbarrow photo taken Fall 2010)
(Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis, wonderful musicians living in Scotland http://www.the-cast.org.uk)