paths taken… or not.


the door is open. beckoning.
inside each jug of intoxicating brewed apple cider.
if only i were a genie…
escape. the other side of the trapped coin.
the light is there. right there at the end of the tunnel.
i see it. thrice.
three tries.
you’re out!

i turn around.
walk out the door.

a path taken.
(Duncan, BC apple cider brewery)
and trails.

path of dreams
looking down… along… and across
the trans canada trail
a trestle nestled in the island’s mountains.
looking down… along… and across.
sizing it all up
all the time pretending i’m stronger than the vertigo.
but i had to look down… it was stunning
mastery of art, engineering and belief
trains flying from mountain to mountain.
looking down… along… and across.
i feel the strength along the lacework of timbers
in the engineering and re-engineering
i feel the strength… in me… standing close to the rail
looking out across the chasm.
looking down
and across.

(Kinsol Trestle, Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island, BC)
follow the leader…
sheep by sheep
goat by goat
drop by drop
train car trailing the next car.
one foot… in front of the other.
(St Peter’s Anglican Church, Duncan, BC)
(goat herd Banff, AB)
(rain storm by the train station, Quesnel, BC)
  (foot prints on Long Beach, Tofino, BC)

the path westward
fields and flooding

(taken from top of a mountain Banff, AB)
(somewhere south of Regina, SK)
(somewhere in Saskatchewan)
(just north of North Portal, SK)

the fields were flooding
and the mountains melting.
winding and zigzagging
hairpinning… clinging
rocky passing
into the maze of the city
one-way ways
bouts around and round-abouts
stop . go . proceed . turn around . and around
(the Canadian Rockies between Banff and Vancouver)
(alley in Vancouver’s east side, BC)

which way . highway . my way . any way.
but don’t drive on the bikeway!
or get in the path of a tanker, say
or lose your way
this way . that way . a way
so. many ways…

(Vancouver, BC)
(North Vancouver port, BC)
(Vancouver, BC in a tanker)
(Canadian Rockies)

ways and pathways
this path
that path
be proud
of your

(Vancouver, BC)

which path?!
(Alberta prairies)
(ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver, BC)

the ferry path…

and this path?!!

passing under
passing over
(Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver, BC)
and through…

sandy paths and
pebbly singing
pebble paths.
around the rocks
between the rocks…
over the boulders


(Long Beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC)
(singing pebble beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC)
the ocean pulls and pushes
which is it
make up your mind
(singing pebble beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC)
keep walking.
the rainforest will reward
barely a breeze
barely a breath
space to breathe
a moment to rest.

nothingness fills with somethingness…

old path returning
i wonder as i wander
about moving on


i bow beneath fallen majesties
step quietly over the bog and
climb up the stairs.
i feel my age.
(rainforest Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC)

roots of history…

(Shunwapta Falls, Alberta)

paths of centuries.

trampling through
a meadow of wild flower beauty

following the willow river
destined for somewhere else…
(Wells, BC)

straying interlude:
the frog on the bog
frolicking in the meadow
happy ’til snowfall


following the path between…

(Wells, BC)
between… there and here…
the journey back… and the journey forward

south from north…

along the glacier’s path
where water falls
tracks lead
horses trot
and a bear…
just hangs out.
albeit from a crane noose.
(Peyto Lake, Alberta)
(Shunwapta Falls, Alberta)  
(Icefields Parkway, Alberta)

(Banff, Alberta)
(Banff, Alberta)

the path shifts
from going to coming.
my final morning
in the mountains
chai latte in hand
perched on a riverside bench
along the morning walk-with-coffee-in-hand path
gazing . pondering . savouring . reflecting
(Banff, Alberta)


(Banff, Alberta)
(Drumheller, Alberta)
i notice
this time on the return
the abounding merry sunflowers

(were they unhappy or shy on the way going)

the road is lined with
good morning
fields of sunfleurs
sunsets and sunrises

the journey’s farewell beauty.
(North Dakota)



(aug 1-27: vancouver-duncan-shawnigan-tofino-vancouver-wells-jasper-banff-calgary (photoshoot!)-quickly through alberta
prairies (they couldn’t deal with a no meat breakfast sandwich at  tim’s!)-saskatoon-portal-north dakota-chicago-michigan-home)

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