immersed in twinkling lights

“what do you do for a living?”… is there any musician, when crossing the us border, who doesn’t gulp even a little while replying, “i’m, a musician”… ?

“will you be performing while you are here?”… gulp again… as he flips through my work-permit-littered passport.

no matter how many hours i listen to the calming ‘spa radio’ before THE CROSSING… no matter how many times i cross the border not working… not performing… just vacationing or passing through as i was doing today… my “no, i will not be performing in the US” feels like a lie… didn’t help my case today having two harps in the back of my car… of course he noticed…

he then tried a final tactic… “whose car are you driving”… mildly less alarming than the final question of my last crossing two months ago… “have you ever been arrested”…

but… i digress…

did you know that michigan’s ditches twinkle at night?! on the heals of a stunning sunset, i was enveloped for about an hour of my journey in a display of thousands of sparkling lights… fireflies!!! it was spectacular… i actually gasped out loud in delight… in delight!

… well… until i heard the splat and my windshield luminesced…

(friday 15th)

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